100% Polyester

Product description

All-purpose sewing thread METROSENE®, the tearproof all-rounder

You are spot on with the all-purpose sewing thread METROSENE. The all-rounder among sewing threads effortlessly masters all types of fabrics and stitches. From cotton and synthetic, to mixed fabrics and linen, to silk - the excellent sewability and high-quality of the sewing thread are convincing in every aspect.

The thread impresses with many qualities: METROSENE inspires with an impressive selection of stunningly intense colors that shimmer with a silky gloss. Its tearproof and abrasion resistant properties as well as optimal elongation are completing the many advantages of the METROSENE sewing thread.

Available in up to 318 colors and 3 featuring size(s). Not all products have worldwide availability.

Image of a METROSENE® spool
4000 Black
2000 White
1000 Eggshell
1412 Lemon Frost
113 Butter Cup
120 Summersun
892 Star Gold
1335x Tangerine
450 Paprika
104 Candy Apple
503 Cardinal
105x Fire Engine
629 Tulip
106 Winterberry
109 Bordeaux
793 Mahogany
869 Pomegranate
638 Red Planet
97 Blush
81 Chiffon
1056 Petal Pink
1423 Hot Pink
30 Iris Blue
578 Purple Twist
160 Heraldic
821x Darkest Blue
825 Navy
16 Dark Indigo
823 Night Blue
1304 Imperial Blue
1301x Nordic Blue
583 Bellflower
311 Blue Shadow
22 Wave Blue
350 Summer Sky
1081 Moonstone
407 Spearmint
408 Aqua
232x Truly Teal
314 Spruce
757 Swamp
240 Evergreen
909 Field Green
224 Kelley
92 Bright Mint
1095 Spanish Moss
650 Cypress
1162 Chaff
660 Umber
428 Chocolate
975 Apple Seed
263 Redwood
634 Foxy Red
281 Hazelnut
262 Penny
1207 Ginger
285 Caramel Cream
1222 Sandstone
779 Pine Nut
538 Straw
1424 Pecan
269 Amygdala
380 Dried clay
379 Stone
1384 Lime Blossom
778 Muslin
411 Mystik Grey
412 Fieldstone
960 Limestone
415 Old Tin
878 Mousy Gray
348 Mole Gray
Available colors for this length: 72
Length 500 m ART.-NR. 9145 No. 100
Linear density: ca. Nm 60/2 (dtex 168*2) Needle size: Nm 80-90

Care Notes
Waschen 60°C Bleichen erlaubt Trommeltrockner normal Bügeln hohe Temperatur Reinigen mit Perchlorethylen
Product Features
  • Universal sewing thread

METROSENE can be used for all fabrics and seams. The sewing thread is iron-proof, does not shrink and stands for maximum color fastness.

  • The sewing thread is suitable for the sewing machine.


  • High tear resistance

Provides greater seam strength, avoids thread breakage and results in high abrasion resistance.

  • Optimal elongation

Excellent seam elasticity, smooth seams, ideal care properties.

  • Ideal gliding properties

No tension regulation is necessary. The optimal loop formation results in an even seam appearance.

  • Special finishing process

The thread is noticeably smooth, silk-like and has a beautiful look.

  • Oeko-Tex certification

METROSENE is manufactured in compliance to internationally recognized ecological requirements and is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. For further information please click here.