100% PTT (Polytrimethyleneterephthalate)

Product description

Innovative elastic sewing thread SERAFLEX®

Highly elastic and versatile: with our SERAFLEX sewing thread, you are buying exactly the right thread for all stretch fabrics. The secret is its special composition: The innovative raw material PTT allows the sewing thread to stretch up to 65%. We recommend using the sewing thread exclusively for straight stitches. When used as needle and bobbin thread and with a thread tension as loose as possible, its full elasticity comes into effect. This way, SERAFLEX even achieves a sewing elasticity that is twice as high as that of conventional sewing threads.

Whether as sewing thread for women's, men's or children's clothing, for sportswear and outdoor as well as for underwear and lingerie: SERAFLEX masters every challenge!

Available in up to 72 colors and 1 featuring size(s). Not all products have worldwide availability.

Image of a SERAFLEX® spool
408 Aqua
2000 White
1000 Eggshell
778 Muslin
141 Daffodil
3361 Lemon
120 Summersun
892 Star Gold
0122 Pumpkin
1335x Tangerine
450 Paprika
1336 Vermillion
1054 Brick Red
104 Candy Apple
503 Cardinal
504 Country Red
106 Winterberry
128x Sun-dried Tomatoes
111 Beet Red
511x Nude
1057 Rose Quartz
82 Shell
1056 Petal Pink
1429 Garden Rose
1421 Fuschia
1067 Dark Current
46 Deep Purple
821x Darkest Blue
825 Navy
1305 Delft
1078 Fire Blue
1303 Royal Blue
24 Colonial Blue
818 Sweet Boy
271 Winter Frost
36 Skylight
0698 Blue agate
485 Tartan Blue
232x Truly Teal
409 Turquoise
18 Luster
1147 Tamarack
70279 Green viper
92 Bright Mint
1099 Light Kelly
247 Swiss Ivy
216 Dark Green
554 Holly
420 Olive Drab
379 Stone
1121 Toffee
174 Ashley Gold
899 Bronze
975 Apple Seed
1002 Very Dark Brown
428 Chocolate
387 Brown Mushroom
285 Caramel Cream
537 Oat Flakes
327 Sea Shell
411 Mystik Grey
331 Ash Mist
1140 Sterling
0340 Silver coin
318 Tin
415 Old Tin
1360 Whale
1283 Deep Well
4000 Black
1426 Vivid Yellow
1428 Vivid Orange
8775 Vivid coral
Available colors for this length: 72
Length 130 m ART.-NR. 7840 No. 120
Linear density: ca. Nm 83/3 (dtex 120*3) Needle size: Nm 70-80

Care Notes
Waschen 60°C Bleichen erlaubt Trommeltrockner normal Bügeln mittlere Temperatur Reinigen mit Perchlorethylen
Product Features
  • Instructions for use:

  • SERAFLEX should be used as both, needle and bobbin thread.
  • Thread tension should only be “as tight as necessary”, meaning as loose as possible.
  • The bobbin thread should also be wound with as little thread tension as possible to prevent the thread from stretching beforehand.

The sewing thread is suitable for the sewing machine.


Excellent elongation properties

Thanks to its innovative raw material PTT, SERAFLEX can achieve an elongation of up to 65%.

  • Double seam elasticity compared to conventional sewing threads

  • The elastic sewing thread makes especially the straight stitch extremely stretchable

  • Oeko-Tex certification

SERAFLEX is manufactured in compliance to internationally recognized ecological requirements and is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. For further information please click here.