POLY SHEEN® & METALLIC Christmas Collection

100% Trilobal Polyester / 55% Polyester, 45% Polyamide

Product description

Sewing thread POLY SHEEN and METALLIC for embroidery, 8-spool set, Christmas collection

A perfect sewing thread set for the most wonderful time of the year!

Treat yourself to the classic embroidery threads among the Mettler sewing threads in a special look! With our POLY SHEEN and METALLIC embroidery and sewing thread set, you are buying exactly the right kit for festive creations. The "Christmas8-Kit“ version offers 4 beautiful POLY SHEEN colors and 4 matching METALLIC colors. Each of the 8 spools inspires in its own unique way. Whether in green, gold, silver or red, these classic Christmas colors create amazing effects.

The embroidery specialists united: POLY SHEEN and METALLIC are our dream team for festive projects. While METALLIC ensures brilliant special effects, POLY SHEEN offers everything that makes a good embroidery thread. Both come in the known, high Mettler quality.

The sewing thread POLY SHEEN is tearproof, abrasion resistant, colorfast and has an outstanding color brilliance. This is made possible by its special composition: the trilobal filament cross-section allows the sewing thread not only to withstand the highest levels of stress, but also to reflect more light due to its larger surface. The result is an exceptionally beautiful sheen that outshines conventional embroidery and decorative sewing threads. Whether for filigree embroidery, decorative sewing or textiles that are subject to heavy levels of wear and tear such as sport and leisure wear, denim, terry cloth, children’s, leather and work wear – the sewing thread impresses in every situation. Another advantage: Its color brilliance is retained for years even after treatment with chlorine bleach.

The decorative sewing thread METALLIC impresses with a shiny metallic surface which not only ensures an exciting interplay of light and shade, but also an astonishing and long-lasting 3D effect. Thanks to its tearproof and stretchable properties, it is very versatile. Whether for fashionable embroidery, fancy decorative seams, or emblems: With METALLIC you are buying a sewing thread that really enriches your individual pieces.
The Oeko-Tex® certified sewing threads come in 4 spools each, POLY SHEEN with a length of 200m/220yds and METALLIC with a length of 100m/109yds.

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Image of a POLY SHEEN® & METALLIC Christmas Collection colored POLY SHEEN® & METALLIC Christmas Collection spool
1902 Poinsettia
1723 Bright Rubin
0870 Muslin
2701 Silver
2108 Golden
5833 Limabean
5324 Bright Green
1346 Cinnamon
Length 200 m ART.-NR. Christmas8-Kit No. 40
Linear density: siehe Produkte METALLIC & POLY SHEEN Needle size: siehe Produkte METALLIC & POLY SHEEN

Care Notes
Product Features

Colors: POLY SHEEN: 1902; 0870; 5324; 1346 / METALLIC: 1723; 2701: 2108; 5833


  • Excellent sheen thanks to the trilobal thread cross-section

  • Due to its trilobal quality, POLY SHEEN unlike conventional embroidery and decorative sewing threads has a much larger surface for light reflection and is therefore particularly shiny.


  • Highest tear resistance

  • The tensile strength of the trilobal polyester thread is 50% higher than that of rayon / viscose. Excellent embroidery features and sewability without thread breakage are guaranteed. The sewing thread is suitable for sewing and embroidery machines: it can be processed with state-of-the-art, powerful machines without any problems.

  • Extremely high abrasion resistance

  • Gives embroidery or decorative seams an exceptionally long lifespan. The sheen is preserved.


  • A color selection that leaves no wishes unfulfilled

  • Thanks to a selection of 435 colors, there are no limits to creativity.


  • Highest color fastness

  • Embroidery and decorative seams remain colorfast even under special stresses such as chlorine bleach, wet / dry friction, washing and ironing.



  • Metallic sheen

  • For special effects with intense luminosity on any material. Can be used particularly well in conjunction with other Mettler embroidery threads.


  • Tearproof sewing thread with optimal elongation

  • The sewing thread is suitable for the sewing and embroidery machine. It is easy and simple to process with reduced processing speed.




  • Oeko-Tex certification

  • POLY SHEEN and METALLIC are manufactured in compliance to internationally recognized ecological requirements and are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. For further information please click here.