POLY SHEEN® kit of 18 spools

100% Trilobal Polyester

Product description

Sewing thread POLY SHEEN for embroidery, 18-spool set, tearproof and shiny

Ready for a piece of the rainbow?

With this set you are buying an incredibly special selection of sewing threads: The "PS18-Kit“ version contains 18 popular colors from every color family. An absolute must-have for everyone who loves to work with colors.

POLY SHEEN® is our embroidery hero among Mettler’s sewing threads. Robust, decorative, and colorfast: The shiny sewing thread is not only wonderful to embroider with but can also be used universally thanks to its extra strong and abrasion resistant properties. These properties are particularly important on heavily strained textiles such as sports and leisure wear, denim, terry cloth, children's, leather, and work wear. Colorful decorative seams work also very well with the decorative sewing thread.

Our all-rounder sewing thread for embroidery is high quality, Oeko-Tex® certified and can be used universally. The secret of its versatility lies in its composition: the trilobal filament cross-section of the sewing thread ensures a larger surface and thus a higher light reflection than with conventional embroidery and decorative sewing threads. The result is a particularly beautiful sheen, which is accompanied by intense color brilliance. The luminosity of the color - even after bleaching with chlorine - remains for years.

This POLY SHEEN® set contains 18 spools, each with a length of 200m/220yds. It is also available in a smaller 8-spool version. You can enjoy an even larger color selection with the POLY SHEEN® 28-spool set.

Image of a POLY SHEEN® kit of 18 spools colored POLY SHEEN® kit of 18 spools spool
1912 Winterberry
1902 Poinsettia
1102 Pumpkin
0630 Butter Cup
5531 Pear
5422 Swiss Ivy
4515 Spruce
3323 Delft
3641 Wedgewood
1346 Cinnamon
0853 Pecan
1140 Meringue
0015 White
2560 Azalea
2520 Garden Rose
2810 Orchid
0112 Leadville
0020 Black
Length 200 m ART.-NR. PS18-Kit No. 40
Linear density: ca. Nm 74/2 (dtex 136*2) Needle size: Nm 65-90

Care Notes
Waschen 60°C Bleichen erlaubt Trommeltrockner normal Bügeln mittlere Temperatur Reinigen mit Perchlorethylen
Product Features

Colors: 1912; 1902; 1102; 0630; 5531; 5422; 4515; 3323; 3641; 1346; 0853; 1140; 0015; 2560; 2520; 2810; 0112; 0020


  • Excellent sheen thanks to the trilobal thread cross-section

  • Due to its trilobal quality, POLY SHEEN® unlike conventional embroidery and decorative sewing threads has a much larger surface for light reflection and is therefore particularly shiny.


  • Highest tear resistance

  • The tensile strength of the trilobal polyester thread is 50% higher than that of rayon / viscose. Excellent embroidery features and sewability without thread breakage are guaranteed. The sewing thread is suitable for sewing and embroidery machines: it can be processed with state-of-the-art, powerful machines without any problems.
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance

Gives embroidery or decorative seams an exceptionally long lifespan. The sheen is preserved.

  • A color selection that leaves no wishes unfulfilled

Thanks to a selection of 435 colors, there are no limits to creativity.

  • Highest color fastness

  • Embroidery and decorative seams remain colorfast even under special stresses such as chlorine bleach, wet / dry friction, washing and ironing.


  • Oeko-Tex certification

POLY SHEEN® is manufactured in compliance to internationally recognized ecological requirements and is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. For further information please click here.