250ml Spray can

Product description

Cleaning spray GOO AWAY™, 250ml spray can, the ideal accessory for quilting and embroidery

We all know the problem: The creative project is finished, but stubborn glue residues and dirt on tools, etc. persist? GOO AWAY™ offers a remedy.
GOO AWAY™ is our ultimate cleaning spray. The spray is suitable for a wide variety of materials and handicrafts: Whether for objects made of wood, plastic, metal or even glass - with the cleaning spray, dirt and adhesive residues can be removed easily and quickly. This makes it an indispensable accessory for quilting and embroidery: Embroidery needles, embroidery and quilting hoops can also be cleaned perfectly with the cleaning spray.

Our tip: Before using GOO AWAY™ on plastic for the first time, try the spray on a small hidden area to make sure the spray is not too aggressive for that plastic. This way you can prevent possible damage.

ART.-NR. SP20-0000 No.
Care Notes
Product Features

The cleaning spray removes dirt and adhesive residues from labels on wood, glass, metal, plastic and other surfaces

Easy to use

Orange-citrus smell

CFC free


Note: highly flammable



Shake before use. Spray evenly from a distance of about 25-30 cm and allow to take effect for 30-60 seconds. Residues are best removed with a piece of cloth.