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Even in the current difficult times, when we are unfortunately not always able to visit you in person, we would like to provide our loyal trade customers as well as the end consumers with important information and practical tips and tricks on the subject of sewing and embroidery threads!

On our Mettler Blog you will learn about the following categories:

- Sales: we will inform you about exciting sales topics such as trade fairs, events and promotions.

- Know-How: Social Media offers us a great platform for inspirations from all over the world - here we would like to get a bit more technical and provide practical and interesting facts and tips & tricks about our products to the retailers and especially to the end consumers.  You can look forward to exciting videos on the subject of "repair and remake" - we will show you how to carry out classic minor repair/modification work that is unfortunately increasingly being forgotten. 

- News: here you will find exciting information on current innovations from Mettler!


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