We are celebrating 140 years of Mettler!

The Mettler brand has been inspiring people with its high-quality threads for 140 years!

What a great, creative year 2023 has been - and do you know what else there is to celebrate? We’re celebrating our 140th anniversary and we would like to give you a little historical insight into the METTLER brand.

The Mettler brand was founded in 1883 by Eugen Müller Mettler in Rorschach, Switzerland. In the beginning, the company was a pure embroidery shop, producing so-called "Tischliware" (table cloth) at that time. Later, the company expanded into the field of twisting for the production of embroidery threads.
In 1912, the sewing thread production was started and shortly after that, the company was transformed into a stock corporation. In addition to classic sewing threads, special threads for the production of tea bags and for bookbinding, were also produced.
The company remained an important employer for the population as a twisting and sewing thread factory even after World War I and the collapse of the embroidery industry, while other embroidery companies went out of business. In mid-1988, the Swiss company was sold to the German Amann-Group. From now on, new, high-quality sewing and embroidery threads for industry and household use developed from the bundling of competencies within the Amann Group. To this day - even if now no longer at the old location in Rorschach - new high-performance threads are being developed in southern Germany under the end consumer brand Mettler.

But for now, we're not working on anything but celebrating our anniversary and New Year's Eve - we wish you all a wonderful, healthy New Year 2024!