Replacing a pulled-out stud on your jeans with DENIM DOC!


The button on your favorite pair of jeans is often exposed to high stresses and is constantly worn - so it can easily happen that the button is torn from the fabric... Do you have to give up your favorite jeans because of this? No way - with just a few simple steps and thanks to our particularly tear-resistant DENIM DOC jeans thread, the pants can be repaired in no time and the jeans are ready for use again! Uwe shows you in his repair&remake workshop how to do it best and what you have to consider. DENIM DOC is the perfect thread for manufacturing and repairing jeans, thanks to its perfect combination of a polyester core and a cotton cover. The thread is great for closing, topstitch and serging seams and blends beautifully with denim fabrics visually thanks to its 10 appealing colors.

Here you get all information on the product.

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