Patching holes in jeans


How do I repair my favorite jeans with Mettler's DENIM DOC?

We've all been there - our favorite jeans get their first tear and it turns into a bigger hole. Our favorite pair of jeans is slowly falling apart and of all things, it's the one that fits best and is actually part of our basic wardrobe.

Uwe would therefore like to show you how you can patch larger holes so that you can enjoy your trousers for a little longer. The resulting used look not only looks cool, but also benefits sustainability ;)

For jeans repairs like these, it's best to use Mettler's denim thread DENIM DOC - this special thread has a strong polyester core with fine cotton fibers spun around it. This raw material composition provides the perfect sewing properties: The polyester core makes the thread particularly tear-resistant and gives it optimum stretch; the cotton covering gives the thread a textile look and cools the needle in the best possible way during the sewing process. This perfect combination of polyester core and cotton covering ensures outstanding performance in the sewing process and in the seam. Denim Doc is slightly thicker than universal sewing threads and has a higher durability due to this properties and perfect composition; making it ideal for heavy-duty denim seams on thicker fabrics!

Available in up to 10 colors. You can find more information here.