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POLY SHEEN® Pastels-Kit


Art. 4820 No. 40, POLY SHEEN MULTI® 200m/220yds

Colour codes:
9925; 9924; 9923; 9921; 9929; 9930; 9931; 9932
Length 200 mART.-NR. PS81 Pastels-Kit No. 40
Linear density: ca. Nm 74/2 (dtex 135*2)Needle size: 70-80
Waschen 60°CBleichen erlaubtTrommeltrockner normalBügeln mittlere TemperaturReinigen mit Perchlorethylen

Product Features

Our "Pastels-Kit" contains 8 beautiful variegated colours which have a length of 200m. POLY SHEEN MULTI® has a much larger surface area to reflect the light, which is why it shines so beautifully. 

Furthermore, POLY SHEEN MULTI® has a high tensile strength and gives your embroidery or decorative application an exceptionally long life.

Here you can find an online version of our new thread-sets brochure.