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250ml Spray can

GOO AWAY™ is the perfect cleaning agent for embroidery needles and hoops or quilt-frames. Furthermore, it can be used on wood, plastic, metal or even glass to remove sticky oily residues. When using for the first time on plastics, be sure to test a small area to make sure it does not smear the plastic. Some soft plastics will smear when various cleaners are applied.
ART.-NR. SP20-0000 No.

Product Features

  • cleans sticky labels and residue from wood, glass, metal, plastic and other hard surfaces
  • easy to spray can
  • orange-citrus smell
  • no CFC's

usage instructions

Shake prior to use. Spray intended area to be cleaned and wipe clean with cloth. For those areas that are extremely sticky or have a label to be removed spray and let set for a few minutes to allow sticky residues to dissolve. Wipe area clean with soft cloth or papel towel.