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The high quality sewing thread AMANDA is ideally suited for silks and closing seams and for decorative hand and machine embroidery on silk fabrics. A thread with a high quality sheen for superior sewing.

Thanks to its soft, elegant appearance and its impressive pliability, AMANDA provides dedicated women with the perfect features for their precious creations. With its extensive range of colors, exquisite projects can be perfectly brought to life.

Available in up to 200 colours and 1 featuring size(s). Not all products have worldwide availability.

Available colours for this length: 200
Colour 0009Length 50 mART.-NR. 6688 No. 100
Linear density: ca. Nm 93/3 (dtex 108*3)Needle size: 90-100 Topstitch
Waschen 40°CBleichen nicht erlaubtTrommeltrockner nicht erlaubtBügeln mittlere TemperaturReinigen mit Perchlorethylen

Product Features

High quality sheen

The high quality of the raw spun silk guarantees a regular structure and provides the thread with its brilliant sheen.

Optimal sewability

Outstanding properties for both hand and machine sewing through the combination of fine quality and high tensile strength.