Road to Zero: Our responsibility for people and the environment 

Acting in an economical and sustainable way are two sides of the same coin for us. That’s why we place the highest demands on the ecological profile of our production and always optimise our production processes in line with the latest findings. That applies to all our locations around the world: As a responsible global player, we guarantee the same high environmental standards worldwide to ensure fair, sustainable and safe production at all times.

Always a step ahead in environmental protection

AMANN participates in “Detox Our Future”, an international campaign run by the environmental organisation Greenpeace. An extended list of criteria (Annex 6) was developed in this regard for the certification STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is fulfilled by nearly all Mettler products. Compared to the currently used test catalogue (Annex 4), the limit values have been tightened, particularly for the so-called “detox substance groups”. Certification in accordance with Article 6 is not yet mandatory – AMANN is the first sewing and embroidery thread manufacturer in the world to accept the detox obligation of Greenpeace and (re-)certifies all relevant products accordingly. 

Our promise 

Together with our suppliers, we take responsibility for sustainable action and promise to be extremely careful, so that all necessary safety measures are put in place and no harmful chemicals are used. All AMANN as well as Mettler threads including the finish are made entirely from non-hazardous substances – so that they can be used safely with no risk to people or the environment.