• Finally, here it is!!!

    SILK-FINISH COTTON, that's the name of our revised cotton product range!!! All of these threads are made out of 100% long staple, Egyptian cotton and are perfectly suited for different kinds of applications. Furthermore, we have new lengths as well as new colours.  
  • What our customers think about us...

    We have asked some customers at Festival of Quilts 2014 why they love to work with our products. These are their answers:    show video
  • The world of embroidery

    Think of embroidery as a window into your imagination! Our embroidery threads from Amann Group Mettler shine with improved elasticity and increased tensile strength.

Threads and colours that set the imagination free

We try to fulfill the highest creative demands of our customers with our broad and deep product range of high quality yarn. Immerse yourself in our creative world and learn more about us and our products.







Soon, it will be June and you should not miss Springfields Quilt Show in Lincolnshire where you can admire wonderful quilts. Furthermore,...


There are sewing threads with a S-twist and a Z-twist. The Z-twist is used for all standard sewing processes with sewing...