• The all-rounder of overlock threads

    SERACOR masters all classic needlework with ease. It can be used in the entire overlock range and has outstanding seam elasticity combined with a filigree look.
  • For special effects...

    ... is our METALLIC yarn perfectly suited. It gives creative works an intense interplay of light and shadow as well as a surprising and long lasting 3D effect. Additionally, METALLIC has a high breaking resistance and an optimal elasticity.
  • SERALON 30...

    .. is not only the perfect buttonhole thread but also well suited for quilting and ornamental seams as well as for decorative work, such as hand embroidery, button holes etc.

    ... holds together what belongs together - for years on end. This thread has been created for seams that have to resist the highest levels of stress. EXTRA STRONG can be used as a stable, tear and chafe resistant thread or in decorative applications.
  • Finally, here it is!!!

    SILK-FINISH COTTON, that's the name of our revised cotton product range!!! All of these threads are made out of 100% long staple, Egyptian cotton and are perfectly suited for different kinds of applications. Furthermore, we have new lengths as well as new colours.  

Threads and colours that set the imagination free

We try to fulfill the highest creative demands of our customers with our broad and deep product range of high quality yarn. Immerse yourself in our creative world and learn more about us and our products.







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Due to its high chafe resistance, POLY SHEEN and POLY SHEEN MULTI, retain their new gloss and sheen on each embroidery, even in the toughest...