Threads. Colour. Imagination.


Claudia Geiser lives with her family near Munich. Even as a small child she developed her lifelong passion for drawing and textile design.

In 2007, shortly before the birth of her first daughter, she began to develop exceptional and highly detailed needlework ideas aimed specifically at children. Soon afterwards she founded her company 'Il Coccolino' and since then she has sold her own designs in her online shop as well as in her store in Munich, either in the form of needlework kits or sets of instructions. In the meantime, many pieces have been made in the small family business in accordance with the wishes of her two small girls, which means they are specially tailored for small hands to manage!

In her work, she only uses sewing threads from Amann Group Mettler, which are ideal for high quality children’s projects - being both brilliantly colourful and unbelievably hard-wearing!

Claudia Geiser makes regular contributions to the specialist needlework magazines “Patchwork Spezial” and “Patchwork Magazin”. She also runs a range of different sewing courses to teach needlework and appliqué skills.

Arova Mettler AG . Washingtonstrasse 34 . 9401 Rorschach . Switzerland
Telefon +41 (0)71 844 89 30 . Telefax +41 (0)71 841 31 20 .